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Hey there!! 


I’m Sasha, the owner of NicePomPoms, a creative business I run from my home in East Sussex, UK. 


I specialise in stocking a range of thoughtfully hand curated designer fabrics and handmade items.  I’m animal mad, and love bold colours, as you can probably tell by the fabrics I stock! 


I’m also a maker, and over the years I have dabbled in lots of different craft disciplines, such as screen printing, freehand embroidery, and string art, but my main passion is sewing, which is perfect as it means I have a huge stash of amazing designer fabrics to experiment with.  As every sewer knows, sewing creates waste, which is one of my least favourite things, so I try to be mindful and find different uses for my scraps.


As an eco-conscious person, it’s important to me to try and create fun but useful products with excellent artisanship.  My products are for people who are mindful of the environment and love vibrant, fun prints!  As a creative business owner, I think carefully about the products I make, from the materials I use, to how useful and practical the product will be.  Although I try to only use natural materials, sometimes I need to make concessions to reach my main goal, which is to produce high quality products that last!  Remember, buy cheap, buy twice!

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Hove, UK

07867 122060

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