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Give your loved one a truly unique gift this valentines day. Choose from one of three enchanting designs, each made with recycled scaffold boards, which have been lightly sanded allowing the boards to keep their rustic charm.  The boards are heavy enough to stand up alone, which is perfect for renters, but they also come with a dee ring to hang up.  


Each beautiful piece of art comes with a hand printed gift bag to complete the gift.  This is the perfect choice for those who can't be with their loved one at the moment due to the current Covid restrictions as this gift can be sent straight to the recipient with a hand written message.  Please note the gift bag will be one of the designs shown, but if you would like to choose a specific bag then please message me.  There is also the option to buy the string art without the gift bag.


Designs and sizes


  • Silhouette of a lady blowing kisses with two handmade red heart pompoms

25cm (9 7/8 inches) wide and 22cm (8 6/8 inches) tall.


  • Love birds with a pink handmade heart pompom between them

22cm (8 6/8 inches) wide and 19cm (7 1/2 inches) tall


  • Pink and yellow love heart with a handy two-pronged hook, perfect for hanging your dressing gown up or even your keys!

18.5cm (7 2/8 inches) wide and 21cm (8 2/8 inches) tall

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