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Did you know that the avocado is one of the most Instagrammable foods ever?  These monogrammed avocados are beautifully handcrafted, each felt layer is cut by hand and hand sewn together using a decorative blanket stitch.  The eye lashes and letter are glitter vinyl, which adds a little bit of dazzle, so when they catch the light, they really shimmer!  The nose is a red pompom and the rosy cheeks are roving wool, which have been needle-felted into place (ask me about a vegan option).  


Choose whether to have just your initial(s) or full name on your avocado.  There are two finishes available, a keyring a or a hanging ornament, both would make lovely, thoughtful gifts for friends or family you haven't seen for a while.  Perhaps restrictions have meant you haven't attended that wedding you were looking forward to, imagine a 'his' and 'hers' / 'his' and 'his' / 'hers' and 'hers' set of avocados arriving in the post and there's free UK delivery! 




The avocado is approximately:

  • 12cm (4 6/8 inches) at tallest point
  • 7.5cm (2 6/8 inches) at widest point
  • 4.5cm (1 6/8 inches) at thickest point
  • Letter is 3.5cm (1 3/8 inches) tall and 2cm (2 1/8 inches) wide- this may change depending on the letter or name chosen, but I will try to make it as large as possible

The thoughtful avocado! A beautiful, monogrammed gift for someone special

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