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Looking for a way to show your appreciation for your teacher, teaching assistant or nursery school teacher? These hand crafted felt apples are a perfect way to do so. They are made of acrylic felt, so they are vegan, and each piece is cut by hand, stuffed with toy stuffing and hand sewn together using a decorative blanket stitch. They are finished  off with glitter vinyl writing, which really catches the light, and a shimmery gold ribbon. These apple ornaments will make a really special gift and can hang on your teacher's door handle, on their classroom plant or on their keys.


Choose from four phrases and two colours of apple: red and light green.

Phrases include:


🌸 Thank you in blue glitter vinyl                                                 ðŸŒ¸   Phrase 1 in drop down
🌸 Best teacher assistant ever in green glitter vinyl           🌸   Phrase 2 in drop down
🌸 Teacher assistant of the year in gold glitter vinyl.          🌸   Phrase 3 in drop down
🌸 Best teacher ever in gold glitter vinyl                                 🌸   Phrase 4 in drop down


🌸 These items can be personalised, if you would prefer your teacher's name on the apple, please add the details in the personalisation box.


How to order:

🌸 Choose your apple colour from the drop down menu
🌸 Choose your phrased from the drop down menu (see phrase choices above)



Each apple is approximately:

🌸 7.5cm (3 inches) at the widest point
🌸 8.5cm (3 3/8 inches) at the tallest point (not including the hanging ribbon)

Teacher appreciation gifts

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