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These gorgeous handmade, scrunchies with a tie are available in three fabric choices: electric blue velvet, turquoise linen and floral organic sateen from Cloud 9 fabrics.  I love the versatility of these new scrunchies, the tie is separate so you can wear the hairband with or without a bow, you could even leave the tie long.  The bow can be worn to the side, at the top of a pony or at the back under a bun.  If you like the vintage look, use the tie as a headband or even a neck tie.  These would make a lovely gift and they come wrapped in acid free, light blue tissue paper.  


About each scrunchie:


1.  The floral scrunchie has a pretty cottage core feel.  It is made with organic cotton sateen, which is really soft and has a slight sheen to it.  The fabric is called Meadow from Cloud 9 fabrics, designed by Cassidy Demkov.   Both the scrunchie and the tie are top stitched.


2. The electric blue scrunchie is made from cotton velvet.  It is a vibrant blue colour that has a really luxurious feel, l think is my favourite!  Both the scrunchie and the tie are top stitched.


3. The turquoise scrunchie is made with linen, it has a real summer feel to it and would look great holding up your beach curls this summer!  Both the scrunchie and the tie are top stitched.



  • Scrunchie depth is approximately 4.5cm ( 1 6/8 inches)
  • Total scrunchie width from one side to the other is approximately 13cm (5 inches)
  • Tie is approximately 43.5cm (17 1/8 inches) long and 4cm (1 5/8inches) wide


If you would like this product made in a different fabric just message me and I'll try to accommodate you.

Hair scrunchie with bow, available in three fabrics

  • Each scrunchie can be washed at 30 degrees Celsius.  Iron the linen scrunchie on a linen setting, the floral scunchie on a cotton setting and the velvet scrunchie on a cool setting.

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