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Detachable collars and how to wear them!

Detachable collars are a must have accessory this season. They’re cute, versatile and can add that little bit of spice to any outfit. Gingham collars with coloured ric rac, like the one featured below are particularly popular.

So what can you wear your detachable collar with? The good news is is anything goes with these versatile little beauties! They can dress up a casual outfit, add a pop of colour or even just be worn to keep the chill off of your neck if you’ve packed away your winter scarves!

I love how these collars look worn over a knitted jumper, but I've also seen them worn over sweatshirts, which also look fab! If you wear a lot of plain colours, then these can add a lovely pop of colour to bring your outfit up to date this summer season. You can choose a collar to coordinate with your outfit or for a more dramatic effect, choose colours that ‘clash’ with with, both are bang on trend at the moment so have fun with it.

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