I'm in the process of moving my shop from Etsy to my own website so please bear with me!


I’m sasha, the owner of NicePomPoms, a creative business I run from my garden studio in Sussex, with the help, (and I use this term loosely!) of my two rescue dogs.  I specialise in stocking designer cotton fabrics and handmade and customised gifts.


After travelling, I moved to Brighton and learnt to sew after being inspired by artisans in local markets across the world.  I started to make my own dresses and people started to compliment me, which encouraged me to start my business.  I really enjoy making things, I love spending time looking at fabrics and deciding what to make with them.  I love vibrant colours and over the years I have done lots of different workshops, which is why I like using a range of techniques in my work.  My favourite technique at the moment is freehand embroidery, I love how unstructured it is, it’s a technique that allows you to just go wild! 


I am passionate about sustainability, so am inspired to make things that are reusable, functional and made from recycled items or natural fibres.  I am constantly looking for the next ‘everyday’ item that I can make into a reusable item, for example refill drawstring bags that can be taken to refilling stations to reduce plastic waste.


I’m always researching new environmentally friendly fabrics, and one day would love to design my own fabric range using bamboo or banana fabric.  I try to make my business as sustainable as I can, and am constantly looking to make improvements and have recently sourced some mailing bags made from sugar cane instead of plastic!

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